today i have a thirteen month old


Thirteen cute quips about my thirteen month old. Ok, well, twelve for those of you who are going to sit and count. Thirteen's an unlucky number anyway. Let's do this:

Sheep say bah, duckies say kah kah, kitties say (with a furrowed brow & pointed finger) No no no no!

When he wakes up, he points to one of his stuffed animals so he can hold it for the first few minutes he's out of his crib.

His current crazes are wallets, containers with lids and waffles.

He can walk. But he's a firm believer that crawling's more proficient.

He currently has approximately 487 teeth mutilating his gums. He reminds us with high-pitched squeals every 20 seconds.

He won't wear socks (or shoes). He plucks them off as soon as we put them on his feet. I could get away with this during the summer, but people are starting to give me whatahorriblemothernotputtinganythingonthatbaby'sfeetinthisweather looks. The ones who aren't quietly scowling straight up squat down to Carter's stroller and ask him where his shoes are.

Hats are not an option.

When he's laying in his crib, and I'm two seconds away from saying goodnight and closing the door, he blows me a kiss. He knows it will always get me right back over to that crib to hang out with him for a few more minutes.

When he's finished eating (or tired of being in his stroller, carseat or tub) he raises his hands above his head, makes eye contact with someone and declares, GAH! Translation: All done!

He always manages to take off his pajama pants and throw them in the exact same spot outside his crib.

He found my electric breast pump in a drawer last week and has been pulling it out, turning it on and bobbing his head to it's rhythm on a daily basis.

He's a self-proclaimed, baby vegetarian. He refuses all meats - pureed in potatoes, drowned in gravy, salted, baked, sauteed, covered in chocolate sauce - they land on the floor. Ok so I haven't really done the chocolate sauce, but do you think it'd work? Seriously.



What's your baby up to? Anything cute? Write in the comments below so we can share ideas (also, note your baby's age). Sometimes (like, now) I get in a slump and don't know what to teach him next or what he's capable of learning ...


  1. Hey girl, what an amazing little man you have. He's just incredible. I'm mommy to an 11 month old baby girl and she completely refuses to wear bows or hats now (much to my dismay) and just the other day I was curious how Carter accepted the floppy hats!! I know what you mean about the slump - I'm constantly questioning myself and wondering if I'm doing enough to facilitate her growing brain. Sounds like you are doing an amazing job, as per usual. :) PS I hope you find peace in your new (temporary) home... One day, as you settle into your dream house, you'll be able to look back and smile at this stage in your family's journey. Cherish it no less. I myself have to remind myself that all the time. We are in a fairly small apartment and we're busting at the seams. Anyway, you go girl. your blog rocks. :)

    Andrea & Adelyn

  2. Dear Meg and Carter

    We've been waching you since your 21 weeks pregnancy video.Then I was 17 weeks old.So now Ruben is nearly 1 year old and we looking forward to his birthday party.We use to wach your videos together,and he just loves you guys,when he hear your or Carters voice,he just smile and starting to talk to his"friend".Ruben started to walk last week,and now he doesn't want to crawl anymore.Saying some word auto(car),apa(daddy),pá-pá(bye),mama(mom)in hungarian.Copping animal sounds like lion,dog,duck,cow,horse.He puts his toys back to the box,give a kiss to if you ask for.
    He doesn't like vegies at all,but he likes some meet (did you try to give fish to Carter?)bec Ruben just love that!But he eats all the fruits everything grape,apple,pear,berries,banana I didn't tried the orange yet,I hope he will like that too.
    We will keep watching you,and Im sorry if my english is not perfect.
    Wishing you good luck to find your dream house!
    Give a kiss to Carter from us he is a real cutie one!


  3. Hi, So my Harper is only 9 months so I'm unsure of what advice I could give you on things to do. With the meat issues I made chicken soup and thats how I got Harper to start eating meat (I'm sure you have tried this)I know a few one year olds they love playing with baby prams and Riding plastic trikes.

  4. Hi Meghan and Carter! My son is 18 months old. He started eating meat only at 14 months. I started to give him solids when he was 6 months old but it was a torture for me as he refused to eat anything but breast milk. Then he liked veggies from the jars but hated fruits, meat, fish, eggs. he ate porridge and veggies. At the age of about 14 months he started to eat everything.
    My son hates hats too, but we have to wear them as we live in the northern part of Russia and it gets really cold in winter.
    He started walking at 9 months 20 days and he never crawled until 13 months.
    Now he can say everything - all animals, kinship words, - well I counted he can say 108 words and can say sentences consisting of 2 words. He knows colors (red, yellow, blue and green, black, white) - confuses them sometimes. and knows some shapes,
    I think you can teach Carter everything already - colors, shapes, animals. You can teach him how to draw (with fingers using special paint) and with markers.
    We watch Baby Einstein movies -my son just loves them!

    Carter is so cute and you Meghan make a wonderful mom, so loving and patient. You are my inspiration!!!

  5. OH! I forgot/// My son hates washing his head. How do you, guys, wash your babies heads? He was ok with it till 12 months but after... it is a disaster now.

  6. My daughter Aubrey is going to be a year old tomorrow! She has been walking since she was 10 months old, but she has always been a mover! She waves hello and goodbye,she started blowing kisses with a mmmmmm sound at the beginning(so cute),she says hi,dada,and pish(for fish)but that's about it right now.Oh and no no no just like Carter :) She also refuses hats.It's alright if he doesn't eat meat.Many LO don't like meat until they are older. My daughter enjoys anything outdoors. She LOVES balls.But I need to get her some new toys because I think she is getting bored! It is hard to keep up with new things to do with them!Love your Vlogs and Blog!Been watching since your first pregnancy video when I was also pregnant <3

  7. What a cutie patootie!!! I am 37 weeks pregnant and can't wait to do this again :)))

  8. Carter is just too cute! Love the bathroom pictures. I have an 18 month old and she's got just about every animal noise I can think of down! She loves giving kisses and hugs to just about anyone. (Kinda freaks me out how open she is with random people everywhere!) I'm pretty sure that I started Hallie on her colors and shapes at 13 months, and she's got all of the main ones down pact now. Yellow, blue, green, orange, pink, circle, square, triangle, etc. She is absolutely obsessed with throwing balls and feeding our dogs. She can say a lot of common phrases, thank you, you're welcome, bless you, no more, and we just learned good to meet you! Enjoy the little moments. I still can't believe how fast they fly by!

  9. Thank you all for these insightful comments & great info! I love learning and hearing about what your babies can do, it truly inspires me with Carter!

    Anonymous- Carter doesn't mind his head being washed, but he hates diapers so I hand him something new to play with that he hasn't seen in a few days and he's easily distracted, maybe you could try getting a new bath toy & pulling it out right when you're about to wash his head?

    Bea- your english is great! Thanks for the fish idea, I always seem to somehow forget about fish :)

    Andrea- thank you! I've wondered how girls keep bows & headbands on at this stage! i think i'd attempt pigtails :) Carter's floppy hat fastened around his neck and he was too little last summer to figure out how to get it off.

    stephanie - phrases are soo adorable, I'm dying to hear Carter say Good to meet you. she sounds so incredibly smart!


  10. My favorite age. When I was vaccuming, my daughter came running to me with a tiny bit of fuzz in her little hand, wanting to help, she said "here's a fizz".

    Another time, she was holding a millipede. Some how she managed to kill the little guy and she said, "uh oh, it brok."

    They are just so cute, can't keep my eyes or hands off them at this age.