day 9: what virtues do you value in yourself?

Virtue (noun) a trait or quality deemed to be morally excellent and valued as a foundation of principle and good moral being. The opposite of a virtue is a vice.

Ok really, I don't see any virtues in myself worth writing about. I thought I'd take on this question at a more romantic approach instead of having to sit and analyze myself. Again.

So, laying in bed with my laptop, I just asked Matt to help me with this post and pick out the virtues he sees in me from this list so I could, ahem, find one to write about myself. Forget Hallmark cards. Here's what my husband thinks of me.


I'm most flattered by Creativity and Wit ... they seem like little talents, and I like that he's willing to admit he notices them.

After he listed them, I started typing the definition of a virtue and writing my post, and he peeked over to see which one I'd picked. I yanked the computer in the opposite direction and told him he could read it when I publish it, just like everyone else.

I think that took Lovingness and Compassion off his list. When he reads this, he's going to replace them with a vice - Deception.

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  1. hahahaha that was fun too read;0. Great qualities. If your hubby thinks you have them that is even better because then it's means they shine to the outside too! Awesome!

  2. thanks casey! i'm glad you liked reading it, since i don't usually write like that :) xox