hello, day.

Last night I lost sleep; I was so excited to go house hunting with our realtor today that my sleep timeclock totaled about four hours. Daylight savings added to the sleep robbery.

For me, house hunting is like an actual opportunity to build a dream. Just the thought of living in a home I get to choose and love with my little family gets me giddy. I can't believe I've come to this point in my life - where things can be however we choose them to be, instead of settling for the best we can do.

I woke up with a cough and a splitting headache - and I never get headaches. We rushed out the door, and I completely forgot to grab the travel mug of Starbucks I'd poured myself in between sporadic chases after Carter to cram his feet into shoes.

I had a bag of various snacks to tide Carter over for the day, but as it turned out, he was too grumpy to eat more than a couple cheerios and bites of apple. The bumpy rash under his nose was flaring up, he was tired, and I think our realtor made him nervous.

She made all of us nervous. When we first met with her seven months ago, she admitted to openly hating the area we're currently looking in. Ever since we broke the news that we'd like to actually change our search to this horrid area, she's seemed outright pissed. I'm not good at breaking up with a realtor who's already invested, I dunno, twelve hours? into our cause. No idea how to go about it.

And I'm hoping? She's not a baby blog reader.

We saw ten houses. Maybe my standards are set too high, but it was like opening wrapped gifts on Christmas that had nothing inside them. At a few of the houses, we walked in the door then turned around and walked right back out. I had a hard time justifying my reasons for disliking some of them. How do you say you don't like a place because it smells funny without sounding stuck up? You don't.

I took a quick phone picture of the outside of one house. It was beautiful, brand new construction, but the layout inside just didn't feel quite right.


Carter didn't have much input. He let out an impressive Woahh at the sight of a little boy's room (which squished my heart, it made me want to go home immediately, paint his room bright green and give him a hundred trains and animals).

He had a mylifemayaswellbeover meltdown when we discovered and confiscated the large, brass coin he was proudly carrying around from a coin collection set as a display inside someone's glass coffee table. A true prize for any toddler; any onlooking, make-believe toddler friends would have cheered for him. I have no idea how he accessed it. Hopefully we set it back in the right spot.

By the time we reached the last house, Carter was shrieking through tears for me to hold him and ripping at my shirt, begging to nurse. Ermm yeah, try explaining that episode to your wide-eyed realtor.

Driving home, I felt so defeated by those houses. Matt boiled some pasta for me, and I put Carter down for a nap. I was so tired, my makeup ached. I washed my face, laid in my bed trying to ignore my still splitting headache and ate the most delicious spicy pasta tortellinis I'd ever had.

Then I slept for three hours.

And maybe this post is a little bit of procrastination from writing my Day 10 for Project 31 - Makeup. I love makeup, but the mood hasn't struck me yet.

Vote for my blog if you think Carter needs his own coin collection!

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  1. Ahh we are house hunting too!! I COMPLETELY get what you mean when you say it doesn't feel right. We also walked into one house and it REEKED of
    Ciggarette smoke. Um, that's disgusting and i don't care if I sound like a snob lol!! Good luck!!

  2. omg I can totally sympathize with you! we are under contract right now and house hunting is so fun and so frustrating at the same time. All I have to say is stick to your guns on the things you like and don't like, no matter how high your standards or the sideye your relator keeps giving you. In fact, if she is not working out--fire her. Find someone who will support your wants and needs, no matter what their personal opinions are. The fact that she is sharing her personal thoughts with you is really quite unprofessional. Also, if I was still nursing, I would have popped out boob right then and there. HA!

  3. Get a new realtor! OMG STAT. My husband is a realtor and he'd NEVER treat his clients this way. Remember...you are the client. You're making your realtor money. Don't waste time on someone who sucks. People like this need to be fired. That realtor is displaying totally inexcusable behavior, in my opinion.

  4. I stumbled across your blog recently and I'm really enjoying it. This house-hunting blog really hit home. It is one of those things in life that you are so excited about for you and your family that you want your whole family to be included....but some things are just easier without the little ones! Oh, and your realtor sounds horrible! If she doesn't understand the needs of your little guy how can she possible help you find a house that suits the needs of a family!

  5. @Jessica one house looked incredible in pictures, then we walked in to popcorn ceilings that felt like they were only like 7 feet high! or how about when you open closet & pantry doors and get knocked over by funny smells?
    it's fun, but tiring after awhile! i just want to walk into one and get that THIS IS IT feeling. good luck to you! I hope you find yours!

  6. @Sarah congrats on being under contract! it is tough sticking to your guns! i find myself saying that things i really want aren't as important, just because other attractive features get me distracted. it gets so confusing!
    i think she knows she shouldn't have told us she hates the area and is trying hard to keep her mouth shut now. although she did accidentally let a remark fly towards the end. ughh
    haha! i fought off the nursing attempt. he's so old to be nursing, it's not something that'd be easy for anyone to see :P

  7. @Christy does your hubs happen to work in the NC area? haha jk. we have a new one in mind, it's just a tough thing for us to act on. but you're right, it needs to be done.

  8. @Sadie Welcome Sadie! :) We normally do leave him with my mom when we look at houses, but we're trying to look every weekend lately, and I didn't want her or us to have to make the 2 hour drive back and forth this time.

  9. @Meghann

    Haha...if he did, I'd certainly hook you up! We're in Chicago. :)

    Cut the line and let this bad fish go!