holy doppelganger!



Carter has the big blue eyes and bent ears of the boy from Mary Poppins, Matthew Garber. I was curious to see what Matthew looks like today, because I thought future Carter might look similar ... and didja know? He's dead! He died when he was 21 from Hepatitis.

I know, it bummed me out a little, too.


No, I don't think this is a mean comparison at all. Yoda's adorable. If you put him in Carter's crib at night, I'd be utterly confused about which one I'm supposed wake up and feed waffles the next morning.



Trishelle Cannatella from the Real World. I haven't been compared to her in a couple years, but back during her fifteen minutes of fame, I got You look just like Trishelle! directed at me from across the store all. the. time.

I think she went on to do Playboy. Here's to hoping I have a future just as bright.
Also hoping? You have a top notch radar for internet sarcasm.



My hubs doesn't see it, but Steve on Blue's Clues totally reminds me of him. I used to love that Carter was into that show because it made me feel like Matt was home with us. Curious why I used the past tense? We're working on Operation No TV this week. He was getting way too addicted.

And although I've never seen it because, well, I'm a girl and I only devote wee minutes of my free time to girlie things, Matt looks exactly like Damien Lewis from the WWII TV miniseries, Band of Brothers.

Bonus family member!
My brother


Jim (John Krasinski) from The Office. They're even the same height.
I'm secretly hoping the similarities aren't too exact here, because I have a mini crush on Jim.

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  1. lol i love th yoda/carter pic..made me laugh and smile...cute and funny!!

  2. @Ruby thanks ruby! a lot of research went into finding those yoda look alike pictures!

  3. Such a cute post, and I agree I love the yoda comparison! :) A while back you posted a pic of carter holding yoda and I thought they looked alike then, and I mean that in a cuddley cute way (not mean at all!) Both are adorable! You have a beautiful family. My 16 month old son loves watching videos of carter and you are always giving me so many great ideas of things to do with my him! I love your blog! keep it up!

  4. How cute! What a bummer about the Mary Poppins kiddo.

  5. such a cute post made me laugh...


  6. You are so much prettier than Trishelle!!

    Cute post.

  7. @Caden Clayton i remember the picture you're talking about, i took it w/ my phone & i'm impressed by your memory! i thought about posting that picture, but then i put these 2 side by side & they were just too perfect.
    thank you & i'm happy carter can entertain your son!

  8. @Chelsy oh thank you! she does have a lot of bad lighting pictures ... but i definitely think we have the same nose

  9. Okay,I'm a little embarrassed to say this, but I have a mini crush on your brother! I think he looks a little like Jake Gyllenhaal! ha ha.
    Those pictures are very cute. I think you look prettier than Trishelle who-je-wotsit too!

  10. Seriously, this was WAY entertaining!! Loved it and wow, how said about that cute little boy from Mary Poppins! I never knew that. Your little guy does look a lot like him!!

  11. @Glitterbug haha i bet he'll be flattered! ... he's newly single, ladies! i loveee jake gyllenhall!

  12. @Casey Martinez my mom mentioned he looked like the mary poppins boy when he was only a couple months old, good call, mom! haha thanks casey!

  13. it's already been said, but I agree that you are SO much prettier than Trishelle! this post was very entertaining. Love it!

  14. I came across your blog yesterday, and the first thing that came to me when I saw you was Dianna Agron! I think its your eyes!