uh oh

What happened this time?


Out of boredom, we went exploring the area around our future neighborhood.
Ok. So we sat in front of our piece of land and stared for a little bit an undisclosed number of minutes. When it finally got too dark to admire the lumpy, weed-ridden clay, we stopped by the grocery store to get more spinach (our new favorite meal), milk, strawberries and oreos.

Putting up an valiant fight when I attempted tying it to his wrist, Carter toted his grocery store balloon proudly up the aisles and out into the parking lot. The manager told him it matched his eyes.

We got home, and he stunned me by meticulously dipping his oreo in and out of my glass of milk. I'm telling you, not a single fingertip had a drop of milk on it.

The actual cookie explosion occurred somewhere between accidentally dropping the soggy remains of the oreo into the glass and the wide eyed, panicky little yelps of OH NO!

::jots oreos down as #2 on list of favorite meals::


Your votes keep air in little Carter's balloon!
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  1. haha I like his little oreo (im assuming thats whats on his face) face peaking over the edge of the tub.. He keeps getting cuter :)

  2. The manager was right ... the balloon is the color of his eyes. The pictures are beautiful and so is Carter!

  3. oreo messes;0. These pictures are too stinking cute!! love the balloon in the bath! hehe

  4. @Casey Martinez he's seen balloons before, it's so funny how they get older and things like balloons are brand new again. he loved it.