follow me around

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  1. oh my are so sweet and patient. i loved watching this, carter is so cute...its been nice watching him grow. thanks so much for putting your world out for others to see...not to sound like a creeper but its nice to see another mom who seems similar to me (similar interests/personality) especially since we just moved across the country to Arizona from Virginia and I don't have a single friend out here. Watching you and Carter was so nice for me, I wish I could find a friend like you out here, its so lonely!

  2. Omg i loved the "Follow Me Around" video! thanks for posting it. Carter is soo precious! i especially loved the end where he kept looking up at his daddy and smiling! aww how darn precious that is! He is such a cutie! i loved all the dresses but there was one i really loved, it was about the 3rd or 4th one u showed, very pretty! p.s. Jacob also knows how to get his own shoes, it's cute! he don't know how to get other people's shoes though lol, he also goes and gets his diaper bag when he knows were leaving for a car ride.

  3. I really liked that video! It's fun to see other people do normal every-day things like me. I especially loved the ending when your husband came home and hugged you and then played with Carter. Y'all are truly are cute little family filled with lots of love. My hubby & I are new parents to a 4-month old named Brett and he is the best thing that has ever happened to us! Love your blog!

  4. My heart just melts when Carter looks up at Matt with those loving eyes!
    And you look so great in all of those dresses!

  5. Loved this video so sweet!! Def do more!!