meet kate from cinnamon ink!


I have a major soft spot for artwork.

Kate emailed me about sponsoring Bringing up Bumble; I robotically clicked on to check out Cinnamon Ink, only to be stunned by the classic simplicity intricately wound in cleverness. After that, I was fighting a creepy urge to take my computer back to the computer store and ask them why they haven't invented an option on keyboards that screams, Yes, Please!

She's a special education teacher who's dabbled in drawing throughout childhood and into her adult years. Last year she became a Mrs., and a few months later created her very own etsy shop to share her art pieces.

I'm picky about sponsors for this page. I lean towards products I know you'll revel in. But this one? I'm gonna say her drawings are for my own self-indulgence.

Her prints are so cute, they're downright huggable.

Be a Good one BOYS 11X17C



I know.
You want one.
Me, too.


  1. Simple yet full of those core values you want to instill on your children. Beautiful.

  2. I wonder why Kate chose to make the children without a nose or a mouth. hmmmm It's a cute trademark, but just curious. I guess it's the simplicity of it. I wonder what a child psychologist would say about those drawings. lol jk


  3. I love these prints! I have a wall that's been waiting for something in Ryker's room... That 'be a good one' would be perfect!

  4. I love the house one, I want it!! But it wouldnt fit well in our apartment I dont think. We dont have many usable walls if that makes sense.. Although theres always the bathroom hmmm.. Thanks for posting this :)

  5. @crystal.m. they are awesome! i'm considering the "be a good one" for carter's room