house footage!

Scroll to the bottom of the page and pause the music player before you click Play.

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  1. A friend of mine has a loft up stairs in their house and they have another t.v and couch up there, its where they hang out at night and just watch tv. They also have toys up there for their little one. Your guy's house will be gorgeous I bet your dying to get out of that apartment :)..

  2. So happy for you, Meghann! The house is so beautiful! I had J sit and watch the entire video with me and he's pretty much in love, too! You might have some new neighbors soon. ;) Also, I realized how much Carter looks like Matt in this video!

  3. Meghann the house is beautiful!! I love watching your videos and was so happy to see one was posted yesterday. Where do you find your music that you use? I love the song you used with the footage of Carter, SO cute!!!