My eyes are always peeled for anything that could bring happiness into my son's face. Or, at the very least, get us through the next errand.

Running into the grocery store, I spotted this lovely beast. Do I dare?


I did. I ignored every drop of Miss America (as my stepmom calls me) in my blood, channeled my inner bus driver, tightened my biceps and steered the monster. He loved it. I got a full half an hour in the store without a single complaint. Although, 15 minutes of that time was spent trying to turn and maneuver.

I'd say it's easier to deal with a whining baby than push one of these.





carter for president.
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  1. oh my gosh... that last picture kills me! dead.

  2. Love the pics! I totally agree with you, it is tough to maneuver one of those!!! I yet have not dared to.
    One other thing! When you get a chance please check out this girl's blog - it is awesome!

  3. I love the pictures! those are super cute! he absolutely loved it! sometimes it's worth the struggle if it means seeing the happiness in your childs, the smile on his face, and the joy in his heart :) I had to do the same thing with Jacob. We were going into Shaw's Supermarket to get some groceries and ofcourse he layed his eyes on the carts that had little cars built into them, so he got super excited and kept pointing at them! so i let him sit in one and he was so happy and he was making "vroom vroom" noises as he pretending to, i agree those things are hard to maneuver! but it was worth it. Jacob remained quiet the whole half hour that we were in the store, was when we got to the car anad i had to take him out of it, that's when he screamed to the top of his lungs in the parkinlot, i felt bd for him and embarassed and panicky as i hurried to get him in to his carseat..even that wasn't easy cause he would stiffen his body and he would squirm, so as i was doing that, people in the parkinglot were staring cause Jacob was screaming. But once we finally started to drive away, Jacob calmed down, but atleast i got through shopping as he stayed happy and quiet. There have been times when Jacob wanted to eat some of the chips i had in the shopping cart, to a point where he would scream and throw a temper tantrum if i didn't give him some, so i had to open the bag of chips (not even paid for yet) and feed them to him. When i got to the register and handed the cashier the opened bag, she looked at them and then looked at me as if maybe i didn't know they were open. I said.."ya i know, i had to open them and feed some to my kid, he was screaming lol" she says.."oh it's okay, i know how that is, i have a kid who use to do that, i know how u feel lol"

  4. We took one of these babies for a spin during a recent IKEA trip. They are SO hard to manuever! But my daughter loved it!

    Oh, and I'm totally addicted to that Extreme Couponing show. I already went out and got a binder. I'm determined to save some money!

  5. I love these pictures,Baby Carter love the car.He is so enjoy it!

  6. I love these pictures,baby Carter love the car,he is so enjoy it!

  7. Isn't it amazing the lengths we go to to keep them happy? Good stuff!

  8. Except if Carter is like my daughter, you will now be begged endlessly to get one EVERY time you go to the grocery store. And when one is not available, there will be tears. And sightings all over the store of other kids who got a car. Followed by more tears. Although the cars are infinitely better than the mini-carts the kids can push tmeselves. Unless you enjoy spending at least an hour every time and don't mind your kid ramming into the legs of every staranger there, those things are pure evil. :)