from the ground up

Ok so it's almost a little embarrassing driving in our new neighborhood every day to stalk our construction. All the neighbors know our car, and somehow they're always outside. Playing basketball. Gardening. Yelling at their dogs. I dunno. It just seems weird that they're standing beside their actual houses watching us walk around our prized rubble.





But really, the neighbors are all nice. No Carter-aged babies yet, but we'll find 'em. In the meantime, I'm using my mighty brainpower to wish a preggo belly upon the newlywed neighbor girl next door.

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  1. We drove into our neighborhood every single day for like 3 months and felt so weird about it too but, we were like, hey, we will have to drive here everyday when we live here so it's as good as ours! hahaha. SOOOOO exciting isn't it!!

  2. Looking good, must be so exciting to watch as your dream house os built.

  3. it must such an exciting project!!!
    congratulations for your new house!

  4. Haha I cant wait to hear how wishing the neighbor preggo turns out

  5. so exciting!! i also bought that dress a few weeks ago!!