starbucks sunday

Little Bit & I had a date at Starbucks this afternoon. I'm forcing this into a bloggable subject because his eyes were looking especially ginormous staring up at me from his seat at our table, and I need a reason to post these phone pictures.

And? There could be a correlation between iced green tea causing huge puppy dog eye enhancement. I'll get back to you on that one.

He's turned into one of those little child-baby morphs who randomly shrieks in public now. You know - the shrill pitches that have no cause or predictability and can't be quieted? Not quite translated as happy to be alive or an upset - mostly just a need to hear his own voice. I don't think we gained any fans from the set of latte sipping onlookers. But, all things considered, it was a fairly calm 15 minutes if compared to our chaotic norm.



Side note: I need to start lugging my good camera with me so I don't have to keep settling for phone pictures.

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  1. yeah for starbucks!! Yum;0. my gal is going to be a shrieker! I just know it. Oh the things our little ones put us through! lol

  2. Oh,I love Starbuck !Did baby Carter get a sip from ice green tea?

  3. what a beautiful blog! huge fan.