lil' friend

Am I the only parent who gets excited when her baby finds an equivalent baby-friend on the playground? One of those friends that lets you sit on the benches with all the other parents and enjoy a little hands-off entertainment?

None of the other mommies bat an eye when their kids befriend Carter. Me? I have a hard time containing myself on my seat at that bench. My visions of their future - filled with hand holding, movie dates and marriage have me popping up to take pictures and cheer them both on.

(Ah. And guard the new friend's face from Carter's spontaneous, unpredictable scratches.)

Baffling how they find each other, decide upon some sort of likability factor, then follow their new companion around in an actual, dedicated attempt at play.

Plus, nothing has me bursting with gratitude more than when Carter learns something from another kid. He believes nothing his parents tell him anymore. Sheep can say moo, for all he cares.






Didja notice? He took off his shoes. Like her.

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  1. I love love love seeing little kids learning to play together and enjoy each others company. My D is just starting to become fascinated with other kids. She loves to hang on them because she doesn't know how to play with them yet..that and give them tons of kisses!! Love these shots of those two!

  2. oh my gosh those pics are the cutest! at first i thought the one of them hanging on to the bar & swinging would be my fave, & then i saw the hugging one! i die. so cute.

  3. Wow!little baby Carter made a new friend!Hope Cartee makes more friends in the further.

  4. That is the cutest thing! Inlove seeing my baby interact with other kids, watching them develop their social skills in cute and creative ways! And I totally picture them boy friend and girlfriend 16 years from now :)

  5. So cute pictures.Creating new friends and making company to play is a skill.

  6. those eyes! my goodness. I could eat him up!