the start

Not just any old camera phone baby picture.


In this picture, Carter's standing on the first rocks that were laid at the construction of our new house today! They also graded (evened out) the land behind him with dirt and stuck a bunch of cute little colored flags in it. Bonus points for the cute factor - they must know they're building for me.

We've driven by the land every day for the past month, eager to see a change. Matt and I had bets on when they'd start. It looks like the bathroom stays cluttered with girlie toiletries, and I'm getting coffee service for the next 4 weekends.


  1. How FREAKIN EXCITING!!! I'm so excited for you! :)

  2. Did they start it?

  3. Oh wow, it's started so quickly! We waited months for something to happen! It's really nice when you can drive past and see something happening :)