20 months, 3 weeks

Scroll to the bottom and pause the music player before you click Play.


  1. I tried commenting on your actual video but it kept giving me "error" and wouldn't let me. Annoying! lol. Anyway- here's what I said ;)

    Haha love Carter, he's so funny! The outtakes are the best :)

    Sorry Little Gym isn't working out. Have you ever heard of Kindermusik? (http://www.kindermusik.com/) it's a class for little ones that uses music and instruments and dancing, I think Carter would enjoy it. My nieces (3 and 18mo.) did it last Spring and loooooved it! Maybe that would be better than the Little Gym, hopefully he won't be bowled over as much! ;)

  2. Hi! Cute video! Random question, but where did you get your dress? So cute!

  3. @Melissa and Brew Thank you SO MUCH for that suggestion, it sounds like exactly what I'm looking for, i'm going to look for it.

  4. @Anonymous it's from abercrombie & fitch. i'd suggest getting a larger size, because mine shrank up & now it's a little too short
    and i put the little blue tank underneath the top, it comes as just plain white on top.