a little more france

It feels SO good to be home. I can't remember Carter ever being so handsome.

I still have tons more pictures of the trip to go through, so you might be seeing the same outfits in upcoming days. With jetlag on my first day home, this was as much as I could get posted today.


I loved these shoes. Until I had to walk in them ... they had no cushioning.

Walking by the river, Matt got me two roses. The boy who was selling them told us to pay, As you wish - which, of course, made us want to give him even more euros.

Matt took this.

On the bridge, you can buy a lock to secure your love for someone. Then you throw the key into the river. My shoes were hurting too badly to be able to walk over to the stand where they were selling the locks. I'm pretty sure my love for Matt will stay secure anyway.

One thing I learned from this trip - once the sun starts going down, forget getting a pretty picture. All our photography skills are blurred, out of focus, and we just resort to the automatic flash. Blah flash!

Pouring down rain. And yet, there we posed.

My favorite part of every day. The coffee was to die for. My order was always a Cafe Creme.

Outside the Louvre.




The crowd taking pictures of the Mona Lisa. See the giant hand in my shot? I was about to be told by the hand's owner that I wasn't allowed to take pictures of the people. Whatev.

The Mona Lisa is behind me. I'm waiting for that hand to try whacking me in the face.

The kitchen of our apartment.


I didn't see many kids in Paris, but when I did, we all know whose little face was in my head while I swooned.

More pictures coming your way soon, plus the most unreal, beautiful wedding I've ever seen! But for now, sleep & I have to catch up.

we dropped a little while i was gone.
ok. a lot.
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  1. lovely pictures...

  2. So pretty meghann! I love the pics! I have to ask where did you get the white flowy shirt and navy high-waisted shorts....adorbs. Looks like you had a wonderful time! I am so Jealous I have always wanted to go to France!

  3. Meg--love the high waisted shorts and flutter shirt. You are so gorgeous. I wish I could meet you and get style advice, I swear I dress like I'm an amish person or something sometimes. I loved Paris when I went there many years ago, I want to go with my husband. Happy you made it home safe!

  4. Love the pics, beautiful!

    And how are you so photogenic? lol seriously I always look so goofy in pics. Especially candid ones. But you look great! :)

  5. looks amazing. i agree with melissa, do you ever take a bad photo?

  6. @nicole. thanks! yes i have lots of bad photos, i just don't post them :P haha

  7. @JKL thanks jenney! the high waisted-ness i've found is great for hiding the post pregnancy pooch that i think will be there forever. it was definitely a cool place to see

  8. @Janelle the white lacy shirt is from wet seal, the shorts are from urban outfitters. but get the shorts a few sizes larger than your regular size so they won't be too short, & use a belt to make them really tight up top. i think i got mine in a size 6 or 8

  9. Love the picture of you in front of the Louvre, so effortlessly beautiful :)

  10. you are stunning :) i love your style and glad you made it home to carter safely. can't wait to see other pics

  11. wonderfull pictures! You are such a beautiful couple

    Paris is so amazing. I love Paris. I was there a few times and everytime I come back, i feel the magic.

    You are right - there are not that much children. But I think it's totally different to the US. When I was in the US, the people loves kids and nobody would be angry about a baby is screaming at the restaurant or something like that. Here its totally different. The people are not kids-loving. //

    What is the Jetlag doin?

  12. You look lovely in all your pictures as always.

    Wasn't sure where to post this, but wanted to wish you luck with the shots...you start them today don't you?

  13. Pictures are amazing. Sounds like your trip was too. You really are beautiful. I'm happy that you're back with your boy!

  14. I must say that you look like such a natural in France, like you were meant to live there, dress that lovely way that you do. Just so dainty and beautiful;0. Lovely pictures...kinda make me want to travel there really badly!

  15. I agree you looked good there :), more please!

  16. where did u get the jeans that you wore with the lace top?

  17. @Anonymous they're from urban outfitters, they have a lot of colors, i want more

  18. Isn't Paris absolutely breathtaking? These pictures are amazing! I'd have to say my favorite is the one of you in front of the Louvre. So pretty!