sweating and timelines

We came home from our trip to find a house that's practically finished! It just needs appliances, carpet upstairs, brown paint on the front door and touchup paint inside. We're closing on August 11th, 22 days! Carter and I went to see it today. The heat outside is miserable.


I started using a different camera lens - which clearly (or not so clearly) needs practice. But I like those focused stones.

Matt likes this baby maple they planted in front. I'm kinda undecided. I feel like it looks a little raggedy/hairy-ish. Does that make any sense?


There are pretty, dark wood floors underneath that protective paper he's standing on. But who cares about floors when you have a face like that looking up at you?




As for IVF, ordering the drugs got all screwed up since I didn't have a phone in France, and apparently email fell through. So the start date for the shots is next Thursday. You know you have a crazy life when you're excited to stick a needle in your stomach fat!

For anyone wondering, I did shut down my Formspring account yesterday. It was getting to be a dumping ground for anonymous, obnoxious comments; I got tired of reading it. I did love the kindness though! Always feel free to leave comments here or email me questions rMeghann@me.com.

Here's my current fav cell phone photo from yesterday - two obsessions in one shot!

Chipotle & Carter.


  1. Meg, I am so jealous of your new home!! I'm excited for you and your IVF journey, I wish you so much luck! Carter is adorable!

  2. Oh my--gorgeous gorgeous home!! Good luck with IVF! What an exciting new chapter for you all. I cannot get over Carter, he is so cute!! Even when he is crying!

  3. Really excited for your IVF journey to start again! My frozen transfer is scheduled for August 2nd, and I hope we are pregnant together AGAIN!!!! Last time I was a little behind you, and this time I will be a little ahead of you! BEST LUCK!!!!!!!

  4. Looks gorgeous! Love the picture of your little guy playing with his trains on the window sill, so cute!

    In our sea of love

  5. YAY! new house! new house! and.... new house smell!! Your Paris photos are amazing, hopefully we will get there one day. I can't imagine what IVF is like and what procedures and wild emotions you have to endure but I wish you, Matt and Carter all the happiness in the world

  6. The house looks beautiful! And I am jealous, I hope my husband and I can build our own house sooner than later. Love the pictures, the hardwood and the banisters. It's beautiful.

  7. man, he looks all grown up:( I remember when he was born.....

  8. House looks great! Glad the IVF will start soon, I'm pregnant pretty exciting I really hope it happens for you soon.

    What lens did you get? I have a nikon D90 and just ordered the
    Nikon 50mm f.1 4G. I can't wait it's meant to be great for children.

  9. Carter seems to have grown up in just a short week... he looks so much like his dad in these photos

  10. Hey Meghann. The house is looking great. I bet you can't wait to move in now! I'd be so excited knowing I was the only person to ever live in a house. The new ones they build over here are usually tiny or mega bucks!!
    Very exciting about the IVF but a shame you have had to leave it another week.
    As for Formspring, I did wonder. It's a shame you had some mean comments on there and I don't blame you for closing it. x

  11. carter is so cute...!

  12. Hey Meghann,
    Love your videos and your blog, I check it almost every day.

    I was clicking ads online and found this one clothing/nik-nak website and a couple of the dresses remind me of your style and the pics I have seen of you. Maybe you will like it! (I don't work for them or anything so if you dont...it's all good, lol)

    The website is:

    Good luck with your new house and your growing family!!

  13. what lens did you get?! thats so excited! best of luck to you and your beautiful family! So many exciting things happening for you i am jealous!

  14. and by thats so excited.. i mean exciting (on your ivf news) :)

  15. These picture are too cute! C'mon! :P

    Love love love love them!


  16. @Christa thanks christa! it's a 55 -200 nikon dx vr zoom lens

  17. @Ariell thanks ariell! someone did tell me about modcloth.com before, they have awesome stuff!

  18. @Glitterbug thanks! yeah not only was formspring getting too negative, but i was feeling guilty not having the time to answer all the questions & didn't want anyone feeling like their questions didn't matter to me.

  19. @Amy W. he's been doing all kinds of new stuff since my mom gave him back to us, i think it's good for him to spend time with another person & have a different way of learning :)

  20. @Peta i'm pretty excited about the smell too! hopefully all our old stuff won't stink it up :P