meet melissa!

My personal style is driven by ruffled dresses, pink painted cheeks, curled hair, anything pretty. Girlie things make me giddy, and since my blog is fairly tied to a little boy covered in blue, naturally I pounced on the opportunity to have Melissa and all her flowery goodness as a sponsor.

After years of designing accessories for her daughter, she founded Layniebug Designs. Now she hand makes beautiful, custom hair accessories and rings for girls of all ages, from babies and toddlers to prom goers and brides.


Melissa even uses her talents beyond the assumed product/profit pursuit; she donates 10% of every order to a different charity each month.

To treat yourself to your own custom made accessory or browse the gorgeous array of what's already made, just click on over to Melissa's Facebook page. Send her a message with your request, email and shipping address.

Now I'm going to scroll back up and stare proudly at the pretty flower pictures adorning my blog.

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  1. Hey Megh, im Kaeolani_baby twitter and im 15. When i was 13 i went through this weird phase whre i really wanted to know more about babies so i youtubed them and your video was the first one. You were 19 weeks an ive been loving you ever since. I live in Hawaii and if i could i would so meet up with you but my annoying mother would never let me as long as im living under her roof! :( I read your vlogs every single day before i go to school and this on about going overseas made me cry. Especially the last one about how much you love him. You give me hope because you never know your future and for all i know i can have the same thing as you but even if i do I'll always know that Meghann did it, then so can I! I Completely love you sooooooooo much. Thank you for being my Inspirational in life. Your the mom ive always needed. Tweet You Later(:
    PS : I was bored the other day so i was looking at my followers and i was super excited when I saw that you were following me!! Thanks :)