I don't even know what I'm about to write about. All I know is that my hero arrived in a van labeled Time Warner Cable today, [didn't take his work boots off before they clunked on our new wood floors,] spent a hour on some wiring and reconnected me to the world.

A post needs some posting.

We've been in our new house 11 days. It's awesome, but it's weird in a lot of ways, too. I feel like a teenager living in an adult's house. As in, we're house-sitting and I'm nervous to touch anything; it's humbling to be able to call this ours. You know that wave of cleanness and relaxation that hits you when you walk in those chic home decor stores like Pier 1 or Crate & Barrel? That's the feeling I get every time I walk in this house.

It's pristine. I've been working so hard to keep it this way; wiping surfaces, organizing, sweeping and folding have turned into obsessions. Ahem. Exhausting obsessions.


I wasn't quite expecting the lonely emptiness that hit me on my first day alone here. I was so sure busy happiness would constantly and magically fill the space, that all we needed was our dream house, and daily life's routine, in its perfection, would fall around us, sort of puppeting me with where to go and what to do. As it turns out, big house or not, you still have to work at creating happiness for yourself.

Carter is blatantly happy, though. He's got so much space and stays busy, exploring different rooms all day. When we're not working around the house, we're out in the yard getting eaten by mosquitos or helping Daddy grill. He's sleeping better than he's ever slept. I'm not going to lie though. We still have little control-issue fits every 30 minutes or so.

I mean, sometimes they're little.


He's big on making friends around the neighborhood every single friggin' place we go. He waves and greets Hi and/or Bye bye to people walking past. Trucks that roll by. Cars. Jeeps. Trees. Dogs. Mailboxes. You name it, it deserves a greeting. This is one of those instances where I try to take a step back and remind myself that I'd be better for learning the art of joyful, pure friendliness from my child. What a great feeling, to be boundary free.

This wave? For a fence.

Our back yard spills into a retention area with cattails and some pretty, wind blown greenery. Carter & I like to sit back there, throw rocks and look at our house.
Ok, so it sounds a little lame, but I promise, everything's fun when you see your baby do it for the first time.

We've been busy with other things, too.

Carter's Grandpop and uncle BFF came from Pennsylvania to help us move.


Matt's company had a family day with free barbeque, games, face painting and other children's activities. Carter got to see where his daddy works.

I've been really behind without internet - rather than try to use my phone (in conjunction with my terrible eyesight) to keep up with email, Facebook, YouTube & such, I just dropped it all and focused on unpacking. If you've messaged me, be assured I'm on my way to a reply sometime this week!

eek. and we dropped.
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  1. So good to hear yall are settling in nicely. I was wondering when we were going to hear from you. Congratulations!!

  2. Welcome back Meghann!! Sounds like you've been having a lovely time setting up your new home. I can understand you feeling a bit lonely in there, especially with it being such a large space, but i'm sure it won't be long before it starts to feel a lot more like home than housesitting!
    I did wonder about the cleaning aspect of it though - I should imagine it must be a full time job!
    But it's lovely to hear that Carter loves it and is sleeping well. That is pretty solid proof that he feels like he's home, which is the most important thing.

    He looks like a really happy little boy xxx

  3. Yay welcome back! and i'm loving the new house it looks gorgeous :)

  4. Glad you are all moved in! what fun!
    Carter looks so much like Matt's dad. wow

  5. Congrats on 11 days in your new home!!! It really does look so stunning in all the pictures I see of it! I remember feeling the way you described after we moved into our new home too! And yes, everything my little one does for the first time is fantastic!! I love that Carter waves and says hi to everyone as Daisy does that like crazy too. The pictures of you and your little man are so sweet and tender! I love cleaning....I could come join you if you lived closer;0 hehe

  6. Congratulations on the big move! Aren't new houses just so exciting? I love the fresh start that comes with them.

  7. Welcome back! We missed you!

  8. Welcome back!! Glad to see an update today :)

  9. Welcome back!! Missed your posts!
    Hope you're settling in well.

  10. Carter is a copy of his grandad.

  11. Welcome back, you were missed! Haha and I just love that pic of Carter with his pouty face. ;)

  12. You're back!!!!! My goodness I've missed you and Carter sooo much!!
    I don't care what you post about.. I just love hearing about you and your family. You are so lovely!

    Bottom line.. you were missed.. and must have access to internet at all times. :)

  13. YAY your back! I;ve missed your posts! Glad you guys are settling into your house! BTW love the dress you had on for the family day wicked cute!

  14. OMG I love this post! The photos are cute! I'm glad to hear Carter had dun at daddy's work! Your home is beautiful. I'm happy for you all. And about the waving at everything..That's funny you say that because Jacob does the same exact thing LOL. Its cute. Its amazing how toddlers who are around the same months of age tend to do the same things. I love it!

  15. My 1 year old daughter read this one with me. She kept pointing to Carter saying "baby. baby. baby"

  16. Meghann,
    I have been reading your blog for a long time. I write my own blog Life With Lainey Bug. I know that you have checked it out a couple of times, and just wanted to let you know that we moved.. You should come follow us at