steppin' out

It's cold here! Why do I love it?! I think the chilled air makes my spiced pumpkin candle smell less like the candle police are on their way to my house. I rummaged today and threw together some semi-warm cuteness.

Sweater dress with a fitted gray t-shirt. Luckily everything goes well with my tween green nails (because my hubs probably hates them).

We pulled three shirts out of Carter's drawer and tried them on before we went with this one. All his new Fall clothes hang on him like giant pajamas.

Hair with a loose braid. Inspired by Christina Applegate in the premiere of that new show, Up all Night. It has potential, but it was a little cornier than I'd anticipated. The show, I mean.
Fine, maybe the braid, too.

Boots, layered with tights and knee socks on top.

We are each other's accessories.


  1. you and your son look brill in these love your clothes and boots

  2. So cute! I am glad to know I am not the only one who still wears t-shirts under kneath dresses!

  3. You are one pretty momma! I love the cozy feel of your warm fall outfit! I am so excited to start wearing leggings, boots and sweaters!! Funny cuz I just watched that show with my friend two nights ago and I loved her hair in it;0. Great taste my dear! Did you like the show? I thought it was really cute!

  4. Cute! What a nice beginning of fall outfit-- on both of you :)

  5. you are so pretty...i wish i had your hair! can you tell me what you are wearing on your lips? its beautiful!! thanks :)

  6. =) I love the pumpkin spice candles too. I smiled the whole time reading this haha. I am glad I left that comment about them. It kinda just came out. I love fall and C bday is right around the corner. It sure sneaks up on us. Doesn't it. My son will be 2 in Feb. Love the braid and your boots!! So darn cute AH!

  7. your hair is beautiful (and it is getting sooo long!)