I like to think these long, Fall walks give Carter more material for his dreams at night. He's piecing the world together; I get to watch.







That adorable outfit is courtesy of my new favorite etsy shop, Room to Romp. Finally! Clothes designed specifically for the interests and comfort of toddler boys at play. Carter seriously admired the little chick on his shirt. I was really shocked that he could immediately differentiate it from a duck, saying Bock bock bock bock! I kept wanting to call it a duck, and (acting personally offended) he'd correct me.

I've got to figure out who's been teaching him this stuff undercover.


Carter stayed with my mom for the weekend while the walls of our house inhaled a smooth, relaxing silence. I must have taken a total of six baths; some to shake off the cold, others to check and see if my stomach's started shrinking yet (no), the rest were just because I could. The guilt that comes with a high water bill was washed away by fragrant, soapy water and the flickering light of my apple cider candle.

I hope you had a good weekend!


  1. Wow, the colours of Autumn have really hit. I wish thy would here, but apart from a few specs of orange, everything is still green!
    Carter is adorable, love his outfit x

  2. Such a cute outfit ! You live in such a beautiful place and I'm sure he makes his dreams around it all I know I would x

  3. this pictures are awesome! and that little outfit is precious!

  4. great photos!

    Come Visit&Get Comfortable

  5. Carter is such a cute boy. Loving these pics of everyday life. I try to do the same as much as I can and put it in an online album on www.babypics.com for my other friends and relatives.

    Looking forward to more pictures from you!

  6. I have a similar mentality, in that I like to think that the things we do each day are going to be the source of my sons dreams each night. Although the fact he woke shouting "yellow one" and "another bus" this morning, would suggest it's not really working! ha ha. Beautiful pictures as usual. Hope the walking helps your tum (which you hide VERY well). I find standing makes mine look flat. It's when I sit down it makes it's presence known!

  7. I luv your photography style! You always seem to find such a neat, pretty background to photograph Carter :)) I need to get back to my photography again! Thanks for the inspiration! :)

  8. Those photos are so adorable. It's always great seeing kids outside enjoying nature! I know I learned a lot of life lessons outside exploring that same way.

  9. Yay for blogging once a week

  10. The cutest pictures :-)
    Guess my Niece is too small to gather material for dreams from colorful fall... next year I hope for such fun, sweet pics as well!

  11. Those pictures are why I love fall so much! Absolutely beautiful, all on it's own, no additional anything needed. Carter seems to love it, too!

  12. Carter's dreams must be gorgeous....