empty dining room fashion show

My new neighbor has been showing me the greatest little boutiques in our area, and they're so reasonably priced! She took me to one last night that literally had my heart racing the second we walked in the door. I'm big on all things pretty, and combing mall stores looking for pretty articles here and there is exhausting and time consuming. So a store crammed with 100 little beauties I'd love to own? I didn't think it was possible. There I stood, cherishing the lace and ruffles consumed by my eyes and feeling sorry for my future self ... I knew I'd go home feeling guilty for buying too much. But there really wasn't any way around it. That boutique was designed in my dream world.

One boutique we went to on Thursday was having a champagne party ... with raffles, door prizes, food and dressing room fun. We'd been at a Pottery Barn event, showed up to the boutique late and were greeted by a very drunk group of fashionable chicks. My heart gravitated straight to this dress. At first, I thought it was a skirt - it looks like it could go either way. But when I slid it down over my hips to see how the skirt version might work, a buzzed woman ordered me, No! Dress!

She was right, it looks adorable as a dress.


leg warmers - payless shoes
boots - bandolino
dress - flaunt (the brand is cecico)

More pictures of my boutique finds to come!

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  1. I love all the photos!! So pretty!

  2. Love the dress!!!! And I love how the light looks in the very last picture - very cool!

  3. How CUUUTE! love love love! ive been looking for leg warmers! yay!

  4. I love black. It looks great on you!