o christmas card

Check out the Christmas card I made!
Screen shot 2011-12-04 at 11.56.07 PM
Carter's a little blurrier than I wanted him to be, but I liked the expression on his face in this shot. The printed version didn't turn out as striking as it looks on the computer. I'm not great with photography, but here are my tips for low light pictures like this:

*Turn the flash off, and increase your ISO. Mine was 400.
*Use a tripod (for me, it was an empty Pottery Barn box)
*Bribe the baby. Explain to him what you want him to do (sit against the wall), and then tell him what you'll give him after he does it. In our case, it was a lollypop. Fifty shots and a lollypop later, it was chocolate. Talk to him about something that amuses him while you're shooting.
*Edit on the computer (I use Picnik). I increased sharpness, exposure and contrast. Decreased the color and temperature. I added text. I created the pale yellow splotches above his head with the Clone feature.

Here are some of the other pictures I took that didn't make the Christmas card cut.

I've had my phone glued to my hand for the past two days, since I discovered Path. It's an app for iPhone and Android that's comparable to Twitter & Facebook walls but simpler and more fun. I love that you can smile at and ♥ your friends' posts. I'm 90% sure you can't access it online, though. I tried.

Get it and find me!


  1. Oh my gosh. His face is so adorable in the few that didn't make it!

  2. Love this! Saw it on Pinterest and took one of my son too. Your christmas card shot is adorable, they all look great.

  3. BEAUTIFUL! i LOVE the extension of the lights reflection. almost look like icicles

  4. i love the last photo the best

  5. I know! It's awesome I am your friend there too :-) Its fun huh. You did a great job on his Christmas card! The photos are really amazing. I'd let you take my family pics.

  6. Love the pics! I sorta wish we had done something like that with Jack.

  7. I know you say you`re not the best at photography, but you do take some beautiful photo`s. This Christmas card is amazing!

  8. Love these photos! That is such a cute idea.

  9. such cute pics, and how creative! you did a great job!

  10. Your pictures are amazing and he is just so cute!

  11. Hi Meghann, Just thought I`d let you know that I awarded you the Kreativ Blogger award!


  12. Hi Meghann, Do you still put music on the blog? I really enjoy listening to your playlist with my 2 year old! :)

  13. I have an extra strand of white lights that I have been meaning to attempt some picture project with Daisy and this has inspired me so thank you! He looks adorable with those lights and you did a great job with these shots!! I love the warm glow. I haven't been able to blog in ages so now I need to go check out what I've been missing on your blog! Merry Christmas to you friend!

  14. Love the card!!!!
    Can I ask what kind of camera you use? (all your pics are amazing)...
    I love the reflection of the lights in your pretty shiny wood floor! And of course - Carter is a big doll.

  15. Awwww I love your blog so much, I always love coming back to see a new post! You are a really great writer, very engaging. I love it!!! x