cupcake date. sleepless night.

We take cupcake shops kinda seriously.


This morning we went to the park to play with our girlfriends in 48 degree weather with no gloves and 6 hours of sleep. A middle of the playground, 20 minute-long meltdown had us strapping right back into the car. Now we're curled up watching Toy Story 3 with a big cup o' Cheerios. My aching body is begging for an early nap time.

Carter has this fixation with going to sleep in the bed with Matt & I lately. Usually I can move him into the crib easily after an hour (carrying his limp, sleep-soaked body to his room is one of the highlights of my day). Except last night he woke up screaming to come back to our bed at 4 a.m., then jumped on us for two hours after that.

He's starting to attempt so many full sentences and new words, it blows my mind. The more he talks, the cuter he gets. But this sudden regression in sleep habits has me thinking he's looking for a change. Like maybe a big boy bed.


  1. I have heard that around 2 babies could start to have night terrors. Could he be having them and thats why he's not sleeping? :/ Hope it gets better for you!

  2. Michael has been sleeping in a side carred bed for about 5 months now due to the fact that he can climb out of the lowest setting on his crib. He's 16 months. Lol With that said, we can't do the big boy bed yet because of the fact that well, he's only 16 months. The things he gets to AWAKE, I can't imagine ASLEEP. Hah! It may be time for Carter. Good Luck! :)


  3. Hmmm, sounds oddly familiar. (My son was born Nov. 2009). We have gone from sleeping through the night, to the past SEVEN months waking up in the middle of the night to come sleep with us. I'm afraid we've gotten into a bad habit at this point. We are lucky if we have ONE night a week that we don't share 3 a.m. to 7 a.m with a toddler. He also has some bad nights where I have to lay him in our bed and wait until he falls asleep before transitioning him to his crib. I too have been contemplating the "big boy bed"...his father however, is VERY reluctant.

  4. oh bless your is SO hard when our little ones deprive us of sleep. I know exactly what you mean by wishing for nap time to come as the day drags on simply because of how exhausted we are from getting a horrible night's sleep. I hope this is just a fluke so you can catch up zzz's again soon though perhaps a big bed is the next thing. Gosh, I am so not ready for that, so I look forward to hearing how it goes when you get there! :)

  5. Oh my goodness that cupcake looked amazing! With Cater's sleep, does he have all his teeth in? I know my boys don't sleep well and want extra comfort at night when teething. Especially with molars. A big boy bed may be a great idea too! Don't be surprised if he comes into your bed still though. The new found freedom can equate wondering around for awhile. But the good thing is he can come into your bed by himself instead of you having to wake up and get him. I remember when my 4 year old started in his big boy bed. We'd wake up with him sleeping with us....we had no idea that he was there till morning! It was great! All the best!

    jen - adventures from J-Z

  6. LOVE Gigi's CUpcakes! They are AMAZING!!

  7. i need a cupcake that looks like! ha!

    sorry about the sleep deprivation. i'm right there with ya, as my 8 month old still wakes 1-2 times every night to nurse. i know, probably out of habit.

    good luck with the big boy bed!

  8. Hmmm, my youngest boy Liam is a Nov 2009 baby, and has been sleeping brilliantly for months, but just recently seem to wake at 3 am every night, and usually if I give him a drink, he drifts off again. Just the other night, he stole all his older brothers chicken nuggets - literally like 8 of them (after having a healthy chicken and veg toddler meal himself) and that night he slept right through. Now I try make sure he has a lot of protein in the evenings (Not milk as such, because too much extra will make him soak through his diaper) and he seems to be sleeping better again. So its worth a try to see if Carter would eat more protein. I would hold off on the big boy bed, since that generally ends up in them climbing into your bed at every opportunity.