gone youtubin'

If there's anything I know about myself, it's that when I'm fixated on something, I'm (slightly) possessed by it.

Enter YouTube.

I've been refreshing my YouTube page every ten seconds of my free time, and I'm back in my old video making groove. It took me a few videos to build up to it, but today I talked to YouTube about my thoughts on trying to conceive a second baby with IVF. Since I know my blog readers are probably also politely wondering, here ya go.

(I'm sorry it's horribly unfocused. If it really bothers you, just close your eyes and listen to the words.)

And a few others I've been working on:


  1. It's funny the whole reason I started blogging is because of you. I came across you on YouTube & then started reading your blog. It made me want to start blogging because I felt that I learned so much from you through your videos & blogs that I wanted people to be able to read my blog & perhaps relate or get something from it...I feel that u are a great woman and so many people can relate to u...I'm sure when the timing is right you will try again...wish you the best of luck & keep the videos coming I love them ! ;)

  2. Love to see you making more videos, and thanks for sharing your thoughts on whats happening with baby two, must have been hard.

  3. Hello Meghan I am trying too with the ivg to get pregnant. I have been watching you since the start, so it gives me hope to see carter, I now one day it would be my turn too. I have been trying since 2010, and like you said it is an emotional and very physical process, and in the end went they said that is not good I feel sooooo sad! I cross my fingers for your 2baby and maybe mine first. Xo
    Sorry for the bad English…I am a French girl!

  4. Take your time. Ivf is painful, it is important that your emotionally ready.When the time is right things will work out. Secondly, dont be afraid to call you doctor's office for the records. They are your records. I had a similar doctor. I hated them. I didn't want to be just another number, and no one knew anything about me when I came in or when they called me. Just call and ask for a copy of your records. You dont have to explane yourself. If there is still some sort of bill there, than they will mail it to you.

    Good luck with the second baby. *HUG*

  5. Huni take your time with it all don't stress yourself out, it will happen when it is meant to happen. My lovely sister in law has been trying for a baby for 8 years and last is finally expecting her first baby in September this year!

    My mum has the same kind of thought for when she lost my sister Emma when she was born, yes it was absolutly heart breaking but when she looks back now she thinks that if she had her she wouldn't have one of my other 2 sisters or my brother and that she just wasn't meant to have her.

    Good luck with everything hun x x

  6. Don't feel bad or out of the norm. if you feel comfortable with the way that your lifestyle is right now. Maybe it's supposed to be this way. Just the 3 of you. Maybe for forever. Or maybe for the moment. If it's meant to be, you'll realize it, and go for it. I have learned that if something doesn't feel right within my gut, then it isn't right. Enjoy your baby boy, your husband, and your self. The rest will all fall into place.

  7. Yay, I can finally post on your blog again!! I love your most recent youtube video. I think your best ones are the ones where you just sit and talk like that. You're so honest!
    I can completely understand why you'd be happy to leave the IVF for now, as it does certainly seem like your last experience was less than pleasant (not that IVF could ever be considered pleasant anyway) but the lack of support and care from the staff would make anyone shy away from trying again. How de-motivating!
    All I can say, is that if you feel you would feel bad looking back at not trying when time was more on your side, perhaps give it one more try with a different Dr sooner rather than later. I'm sure you could meet with some before hand so you could get an idea of how they worked? Not sure, as things run differently over in the UK. You kind of get what you're given here.

    Either way, I hope that when/if you do decide to give it another go, i'll have everything crossed that you are more successful next time. Lots of love, and i'm pleased to see you back on form!!

  8. Just thought I would drop by and say that I love watching your youtube videos.

  9. Fantastic work!! I love your videos please keep'em coming Meghann:)
    Sending you love from Australia.
    Love Jem.

  10. Awesome! Missed watching your videos, although I do love your blog!!!

  11. There aren't too many people that I can sit and watch youtube videos but, you are quite engaging and I enjoyed you sharing on your play room decor! HOW FUN and it looks so cute!! Now, I'm eager to hear pointers on how you edit your youtube videos. What software do you use to edit and clip in and out of your videos? You are doing a great job with the edits and lastly...aren't you just the most adorable person ever!!

  12. You are so inspiring, it gives me a glance at who I want to be someday. Just to make all of these videos and do everything that you do, I just hope that I can be somewhat like that. I am a young mother and it's been quite challenging but watching you're videos from day one really encourages me to be creative with my daughter and gives me some ideas that I would've never thought of. I wish you the best with trying to conceive again, you are such a great mommy to Carter! To have the energy and the motivation to look your best and do so much, it really makes me feel like I can do it too. Good luck with everything! Looking forward to future blogs and videos!