candied house

Pictures really make a story. Except when Carter's entire demeanor changes at the sight of my camera. Oh, does the story I want to tell take a turn for an angry change.
He gets mad at me. Forget asking him to look up from what he's doing. I'm learning that sometimes it's better to be part of his moments than step out to record history.

But other times, I can't help it.

Anyway, He made a Valentine's house the other night with our neighbor, Ashley. (If you don't have a neighbor who's a kindergarden teacher, you should get one!)
In the spirit the whole looking down theme I've got going on this blog, Carter contests my photography. I even told him I had chocolate on my ears. Didn't work. A giant frosting house trumped my lies.



  1. Aww, I can totally relate! Mason's face turns to a scowl when I ask him to look at the camera. You got adorable photos, though! Love that first one.

  2. Wow what a little artist you have there .. My problem with photography Josh is that he will NOT sit still for more then a second!
    x x

  3. oh my goodness, can I have your kindergarten teacher neighbor as MY neighbor please ??!! How fun !

  4. I was in Apex today... it made me think of you ;)

  5. Just found your blog via Dear Beautiful Boy. It's lovely! Love the Sweetie House!

  6. I love the perspective of that first shot. You capture such great memories Meghann! And I SO feel yah on the the age of our kids and them not wanting to help us out at all when we take pictures. So challenging to say the least!! lol