bring it on, santa claus

We came home from practicing for some major, scary holiday characters last week. If Carter cries when we see Santa this year, I'll fall on the mall's floor in a big puddle of igiveup.

MOMMY!! Jyook!


I have a couple hundred pictures from our trip to Disney World, and honestly, it really overwhelms me when I've thought about putting on my blogging hat since we got home. Here's the gist of our trip.

♥ The crowds at Disney World made me feel so incredibly small and insignificant as a human on this planet.
♥ We waited in 30 minute lines for everything - meeting characters, rides and food. It took a lot of explaining and sweaty stamina before Carter found his patient place in the world of line-awaiters. Being a Disney virgin, I guess I thought that for the crazy ticket prices, the lines would have somehow been deleted.
♥ Little boys can get made over as pirates with black eyes, facial hair and smudges on their face. Carter sees a little pirate sitting in front of us, tugs at my shirt and whispers, Momma, dirty face.
♥ The most fun we had was at a water park sending him down water slides and catching him. I haven't seen Carter that excited. Ever. We put a tiny life preserver on him and called him a fish. Except that the happy little fish had a really nervous mommy at his side pulling his mouth away from the water.
♥ Watching Carter's face was far better than anything we'd waited in line to do. Which, I'm thinking, is the point of the entire place. And of having a kid in general.



  1. Sounds like you had an amazing time! I dream of going to Disney World someday. It's sad that even though I live an hour away from Disneyland, it's been 8 years since I've been there.

    1. it was fun, and it was so expensive! i couldn't believe how many people were there considering the prices.

    2. my husband and i say money doesn't exist in Disney. You just get what you want and worry about it later. It's just that kind of place. Boy, are we gonna be in for it when we take the pie later....

  2. Being a bit nervous of rides we have yet to take our two little ones. My oldest always tells me though he would rather go somewhere with a nice beach then Disneyland, so maybe I will listen to what he says a little more!

  3. I'm happy you had an awesome time I can't wait to take my son someday. Last time I went to Disney land I was 15 and the prices were crazy I can imagine what they look like now that I'm 24 lol

  4. Sounds like you guys had a blast! Love te pictures of carter and all his character friends!

  5. Ooooh, I've been waiting for a Disneyland post after seeing all your pictures on Instagram. I was looking at them absolutely green with envy. It looks like Carter had an absolutely blast, and it makes me so excited about taking my little man one day. It's just so magic and I can't wait to see his face, a bit like you said, watching their faces is more exciting than the stuff you go there to see. X

  6. Glad you had a great time! We went to DW when my kids were 10 and 5. (*they are now 31 and 26) The only bad thing is Carter won't remember it :-( My then 5 year old remembers nothing about it - even when looking at pictures. I hate that. It was the best vaca I ever went on and would love to go back.

  7. That sounds like so much fun. I cannot wait until another year or so when my youngest will be old enough to go. I know they'll love it!! Carter is so precious.

  8. Looks like Carter had a blast! I really want to take my son but I think this year would be too overwhelming for him; next year for sure though

  9. That's so awesome! I cant wait to take my little guy.

  10. I love these pictures!!! Looks like yall had a great time.

  11. I totally love these pictures sweetie, and I so jealous .. Disney World is my favourite place in the world and I cant wait till my Josh is old enough so we can take him, we were thinking when he is around 3 years old, how did Carter enjoy it all ??