mommy monday


I haven't been writing much about my take on parenting a two year old lately, but I'm still finding minutes between play dates and temper tantrums to get wrapped into other people's parenting worlds. These two little bits really inspired me and had me wishing I'd thought to write/vlog it myself.

♥ Read this and feel better about your mommy self today.
♥ A hundred ways to be kind to your child. Take a listen.


  1. I loved the article that you shared! It's so true. The biggest thing that I judged was co-sleeping. I was totally against it and I was wrong. Thankfully, I discovered how beautiful it was when I started co-sleeping with my first son who was pre-term. It bonded us after being apart for 2 weeks, and then I also learnt how they sleep better/longer with us. He was sleeping by himself by 4 months. My second ( who is a couple of months younger than Carter and is totally having temper tantrums all the time ) still finds his way into our bed most nights at one time or another. And now my oldest enters our bed too sometime when we're sleeping. Knowing how judgemental I was before, I find it so funny that many morning we wake up with all four of us cramped into our Queen sized bed!

  2. Thank you for this! As the mother of a 17 month old little boy who can be quite demanding I really appreciate this article. I am constantly finding myself doing things I never thought I would do just to get through the day. Although, recently I have tried to really step back and just embrace this stage. I should have known I would have my hands full when he refused to take a bottle and didnt sleep through the night until he weaned at 16 months. Hee hee

  3. THANK YOU! So I totally thought I evaded the "terrible twos", well apparently for us they struck at 28 months. This past week has been THE MOST TRYING week of MY LIFE! My son has been downright horrible, horrible to me mostly. All I have to do is walk in the room and he hits me, tells me to "stop it" and he also picked up a not so sweet word from his grandfather (whose neck i'd love to wring) and throws that word out because he knows it's bad and that I hate when he says it. Honestly, haha, this is funny, all I can think of when my son is bad, is "Carter would never do this" Of course only seeing what I see on here and YT, this is the impression that I get. Carter is just so cute and I picture him as the perfect little man. Anyway, point is, through all this, I continue to tell my son "It makes me sad when your not nice to me; I love you so much" I'm not sure where he picked up these actions, as he doesn't seen anyone do any of the things he is doing... Maybe I should blog about it and get some advise! haha. Again, thank you.

  4. I loved reading this article. This weekend I was at T.G.I Fridays with my 8 month old son abd he had a crying out burst and as people stared I felt like saying outloud "what you never saw a baby cry before" and then I realized I was once that person. That person that stared at the parent when their child cried out loud in that "control your child"'s funny when you join the motherhood club & have a new outlook on things...when a child throws a crying fit now I don't judge because I know how it feels. Before I had my son I would constantly say I would never be one of those parents that let themselves go...although I haven't...o realize it isn't easy to juggle a child, cleaning a household, & taking care of everything in between to look amazing all the time...sometimes I want to just stay in sweats all day with no make up