a (more official) mommy

The time came to give up my candied apple red, two door sports car this past weekend. It was our third car, and we haven't driven it since before Carter was born. Since we're moving in six weeks, we knew we had to sell it - asap.

Before delivering to its new owner on Saturday, we let Carter sit in it and relish in its shiny, sexy red glory. Is it just me, or is his face ridden with a look of complete disappointment?
You can't say you never had anything cool, Cart!


  1. That's the same car I have. It's totally useless. No back seat, obviously. My husband drives it to work. It's so depressing. LOL Cool that you could sell yours - we haven't been able to unload ours. Ugh! I wish we could SOON - we're going to be starting the build of our new house soon and I'd LOVE to be rid of it before then.