Carter was so far beyond temperamental this weekend. Our meltdowns don't come from a lack in communication - we know exactly what he wants. The problem comes into play when he can't have those things.

He's obsessed with our iPhones; we can't let him play with them anymore because he calls people. On purpose. Yep, he searches for the phone icon (despite my attempts to hide it) and deliberately picks out people to prank call.

He also has a thing for mailboxes. Whenever he sees one, he points and yells Maaaay! as if that mailbox needs to be plucked from the ground and set in his hands, pronto.

He wants the glass I'm drinking from. Pens. Laptops. Screwdrivers. To play outside during a thunderstorm. Batteries. Contact solution. Makeup. Bottles of medication. Cleaning supplies. The toilet plunger. Dada's brand new sunglasses. You name it, he needs it.

Unless it's food.

His message? If you need to do something, hide from me, or don't attempt doing it at all. Either way, I can read your mind. I'll just throw a tantrum anyway.

We tried to keep him busy, overloading him with attention and play so he doesn't have emotional breakdowns. We went to parks. Playgrounds. A lake. Played with little girls. I hope a good, solid night's sleep will have him waking up on the right side of the crib this week.








if he saw your vote, he'd want it, too.
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  1. oh man, I am just starting to dip my toe in the tantrum waters with Daisy now getting older. It isn't fun for us parents at Hope he does wake up on the "right" side of the crib too just to give you a break if anything! lol. HE sure looks cute enjoying those bubbles though! Great captures!

  2. I completely feel your pain. My 15.5 month old is doing exactly the same thing. Today it was because he wanted to escape out the door of the library. Now it's because he wants to take a sip of my coffee which is way too hot! The meltdowns don't last longer than a few minutes, but they sure are wearing on your nerves! It's at times like these I wonder if having another baby would be a good idea at all!!

  3. OMG lol wow! Jacob does those same exzact things! i'm glad to know i'm not the only parent who's baby throws the loudest most obnoxious fit and temper tantrum when you don't give them the things they want (but cannot have). Jacob always wants to play with my ipod touch, daddys sunglasses, he gets excited when seeing our mailbox cause he wants to play with the door part (open and closing it) lol and he loves to find pens and write on the walls, but when i take the pens away, he screams! he always wants to play outside (even if it's way too cold, windy or raining) and he don't understand why he cannot go out, so he gets angry and screams. Jacob loves to climb on the table and hit,sit, or stand on my laptop. And every darn chance he gets, he sneaks into the bathroom(after my husband leaves the door open) and Jacob will play in the toilet water and splash in it and he ALWAYS loves to play with the toilet plunger and the toilet brush. Your about to be grossed out! one day, my older son age 6 at the time, left the bathroom door open and did not flush the toilet and i caught Jacob playing in the toilet that still had pee and toilet paper in it! well i also found remains of the pissy soggy toilet paper (that he dug out of the toilet water) and it was in his hands and mouth! eww! yes he had eaten some of the wet, used pissy toilet paper from inside the toilet. I was horrified and disgusted!! i had to brush his teeth twice! and gave him a bath. Ugh! so i definitely can relate to this specific Jacob gets upset and screams when he don't get what he wants or when i take things away or tell him no. And it's usually things he cannot have that he ends up wanting the most. lol

  4. Oh I feel for you! It's not east when they're like that. Do you think he may be teething? I know that my son' tantrums got extra bad when teething. It's crazy too with how what people say about "the 2's and 3's" is true. Your sweet baby can turn into a fitting toddler overnight! My first born hit his 2's and then his brother was born. The Dr asked how I was handling it and I told him it was hard at times. He told me not to acknowledge the tantrum at all. If he was going to harm himself or someone else, then to step in, but otherwise just ignore. And it worked for the most part! I hope he's feeling better now for all of your sakes! From your blogs I see it's been a hard couple of days, hitting his head and all. And I hope he starts eating for you soon too! My 3 year old is extremely picky so I feel your pain! Have a great week!

  5. Little baby Carter,don't cry. You make my heart broken.I am 35 weeks pregnant now,everyday I watch your blog hope you can update,let us know how is Carter doing and how is your family doing, I love your blog so much,and I hope my baby will be happy like baby Carter,and I hope I will be like you a good and pretty mom.

  6. Oh my goodness, that was Sophia the WHOLE weekend. And today was awful. Nothing made her happy no matter how hard we tried. I feel you! =)

  7. Tantrums are now fun, but the good thing is, if he's tantruming because he's not getting what he wants when he wants it-- that means you are doing a good job. :) Carter is just learning the tough life lesson that we can't have everything and anything we want. Hope it gets better for you!

  8. whoops, meant "no fun" not "now fun" lol

  9. Reminds me of this sign my grandma gave us when my daughter turned 1 I feel like even though I have a 13 mo old she skipped being one and is acting like a 2yr old.