You've officially got your own little family when your walls become comprised of a piece of artwork other than those historic wedding and honeymoon pictures. I never would have imagined that reveling in the curves of little fat rolls could make me feel more at peace than a picture of myself and hubs sprawled on the beach.

I show Carter off all over the internet in so many ways. Hundreds of pictures. Videos here and there.

And now I have: Carter. Le painting.


I emailed new mommy Melissa at Missy's Portraits my current favorite photo, and within weeks she'd turned my baby into a beautiful memory for a wall in our new house.

I fought small tears after I ripped open the package and took in my Carter, staring back at me in surreal painting form. The first thing I noticed? She captured the exact shape of each of his ears. My heart squished a little. I thought I was the only one who'd ever admired the two slightly different ear shapes aside his wide-eyed, doll face. An incredible artist notices everything; not a single detail in his expression was left unexamined.


Check out more of Melissa's work here. If you'd like your own bumble's custom portrait painted, she's offering Bringing up Bumble readers 25% off your order. Just mention discount code 6927. It's as simple as emailing her a picture.



  1. I. LOVE. THIS.

    Now to just find (or take) a great picture!...she'll post to australia right?

  2. wow...what a beautiful thing to have :)

  3. So cool! She did a lovely job! Something else to check out... Canvas On Demand. Just google it. You can send in a picture and they turn in into a canvas art piece. As a big photo family here, we love filling our walls with our pictures!

  4. Oh my goodness that is too precious!! IT's even cuter to see your little guy holding the painting of himself wearing the same shirt. LOVE that! She is super duper talented!!

  5. That is beautiful! I love it!! The cute model helps. :)

  6. That last picture is great! What a special keepsake!

  7. @peta thanks! she did a gorgeous job! i actually have no idea if she'll send to australia ..